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Strong leaders-- history’s full of ‘em. Strong leaders can be found throughout history across all fields -- from polyglots to military geniuses. They have some common characteristics that instill loyalty and pride in their teams. Small business owners know some of the qualities ... Read More
September 9, 2016youralteregos
Delegation is the Lifeblood of Your Organization


Delegation -- it's almost a dirty word for many business owners. After building up up your business from the ground, now you need to put it into someone else's hand. Every client relationship is hard won. Each has idiosyncrasies and details that only you know. Your clients rely on you. Symbiotically your ... Read More
April 19, 2016youralteregos
Document Your Business for Sustained Growth


Have you grown your business to the point of knowing you need help? Congratulations! Aren't you glad that you took the time to document your procedures? (You haven't?)  I’m betting you’ve been thinking about how great it will feel once you no longer have to fill every spot on your ... Read More
April 5, 2016youralteregos