(Your) Alter Egos:

Alternate personalities or personas; other selves.

Where It All Began


emember that Shake and Bake fried chicken commercial with the little girl proudly claiming, “And I helped!” That could’ve been me.

Nothing is more gratifying to me than helping someone. And when they need a problem solved? Even better. To have the opportunity to help other small business owners accomplish something is, to me, the best feeling in the world.

So it’s no surprise that I started Your Alter Egos in 2007 with the goal of helping people accomplish their dreams of running a successful business. Having previously spent a few years as a business coach, I use that experience and my expertise to take a step back and objectively identify areas for improvement. I thrive when I’m faced with a problem, and I tackle my clients’ issues as though they are my own.

My gift is the ability to see what’s missing – to look past what’s in front of me and identify the missing link. I did it with my first client who was struggling with a nonprofit fundraiser and kept re-inventing the wheel. Since then, I’ve helped scores of others move through situations that were holding their businesses back and watched their companies take huge strides forward. Every time, it brings out that little kid in me who can’t wait to help.

Other people get a thrill from bungee jumping or running a marathon; I feel that same exhilaration by working side by side with a client and watching them succeed as a result. What can I say? I’m an organizational junkie with a penchant for making a difference.

How many people do you know who get an adrenaline rush from helping you succeed? That’s me … with or without the fried chicken.

To YOUR success,