Advisory and Assistance Services:

These usually include analysis of the current policies, practices, and operations, assessment of systems requirements, training of employees, etc. These services are provided usually by external sources, often on contractual basis.

What could you do with more of you?


o one knows your business better than you. But if you are wrapped up in the details, the big picture can become hazy. That’s where we come in.

At Your Alter Egos, we specialize in objectivity. We spend time learning about how your business works and how you work. We begin at your site – observing, analyzing and strategizing. And then we provide a comprehensive operational assessment to help you become more efficient, more effective and ultimately, more productive.

The report is more than a game plan. It’s a custom-designed course of action to move your business forward. The fee for our 90-minute operational assessment is credited toward the cost of our services, should you decide to engage our services, to include operations management, team development, and systems and processes support—which means you’ve found a road map and a way to save money.

Action plans lead to momentum, so Your Alter Egos provides team and management support to let you focus on growing your business. If you don’t have a team, we put our talented resources at your disposal – from marketing to admin to management members – so your time is free to run your company.

And as your team grows, so do the number of moving parts. Someone’s got to manage them to be sure they’re functioning at peak efficiency. We’ve got you covered there too, offering the operational support to manage the details of your growing business.

You’ve got a good thing going; you just need help to take it to the next level. Your Alter Egos is more than a solution … we’re the best part of you, multiplied.

1. Team Development

• Team SWOT Analysis
• Defined & Documented Positions
• Procedures Manual

2. Systems & Processes

• Workflow
• Organizational Structure
• Operations Manual

3. Day-to-Day Operations Management

• Administrative Support
• Marketing Support
• Team Management